Friends 30th Anniversary (Sun)
June 2, 2024 8:00 PM
Live Music by:
DJ Splyce
The Autry Museum
Friends 30th Anniversary (Sun)
June 2, 2024
DJ Splyce
The Autry Museum
See additional information below for special guidelines at this event!
Weekend with Friends

Join your favorite FRIENDS for this special four-episode screening event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the beloved series with Warner Bros. Television.

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5:30 pm
8:00 pm
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Dog Friendly
Bar on Site
Free Parking
*check event details for movie start time and pre-show entertainment
General Admission
Car entry (required)
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Join your favorite FRIENDS for this special four-episode screening event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the beloved series with Warner Bros. Television.

FEATURE:  Friends 30th Anniversary

ABOUT: OH.MY.GAWD! FRIENDS is turning 30?! To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the television series FRIENDS, Street Food Cinema is screening four iconic episodes of the beloved series. Fans can relive the show's most special moments with themed photo-ops, trivia games, prizes, and more!



LOCATION:  The Autry Museum - 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027

TIME:  Pre-check-in 5:00 pm | Doors Open 5:30 pm | Games 8:00 pm | First Episode 8:15 pm

DJ:  DJ Splyce

MC:  Justin Rupple

FOOD TRUCKS:  District Burger, Eastside Cheesecake, Lobsta Truck, Rice Balls of Fire, Richeeze Melts, Sherbet's Shwarma, Sure Good Soft Serve, Sweet Selma's Bagels, Bougie Dog, Vivace Pizza

*Food Trucks are subject to change*

ACTIVITIES:  Photo Opps, Trivia & More!

PARKING: Free parking at the LA Zoo available.

CHAIRS:  Low chairs only, which sit 6 inches off the ground (e.g. beach chairs). No tall chairs, please. If you need any assistance during the event, our Street Food Cinema Staff will be happy to assist you.


–  Restrooms are available for public use.
–  On-site food trucks will be available.
–  If you or anyone within your group has or is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, we ask you to please stay home to ensure the health and safety of our audience and staff.

DOGS:  Fido friendly, Fido approved! Leashed dogs welcome.

*Event details are subject to change

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Live Music
DJ Splyce
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SPLYCE brings a special energy to every show he does. Having traveled the world as an open format DJ, he understands the power of music, and uses a unique combination of technical ability, turntablism, creativity, and strategic music selection to create moments that can really move an audience. As the first and only DJ to be a guest on CNN’s Larry King Live, he always praises that opportunity as a crucial building block to be a top choice to perform for top celebrities, corporate events, weddings, fashion shows, movie premiers, nightclubs, and more. Splyce uses his Los Angeles home as the backbone for his music career, where he owns a top of the line recording studio which serves as the hub for his album creation, radio shows and guest mixes, podcasts, and DJ sets.

event mc
Justin Rupple
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Justin Rupple has quickly become one of comedy’s most in demand performers. He is the WINNER of the Voice Arts Award for his performance as Tuffnut in The Academy Award Nominated How To Train Your Dragon 3 and the WINNER of “Dana Carvey’s First Impressions” for his unmatched comedic impressions. His LIVE STREAMING CASTS on FIRESIDE (NOT JUST IMPRESSIONS & WAS IT THOUGH?) and his IN-PERSON performances are innovative, clean and unforgettable. He is a “must see” entertainer!

Food Trucks
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District Burger
Eastside Cheesecakes
Rice Balls Of Fire
Sure Good Soft Serve
Lobsta Truck
Sherbet's Shwarma
Sweet Selma's Bagels
Vivace Pizza
Boujie Dogz