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Aelish was formed by two sisters, Synden and Rowan Healy. Writing and performing original music together since they were kids. In early adolescence, they performed as an acoustic folk duo all around the LA area, and even back home in their native Portland, Oregon. A few years later, after extensive gigging up and down the west coast, their sights were set on forming a four piece rock band. The discovery of Rock 'n' Roll itself was only natural given their steady diet of blues and folk in their upbringing, and thus, Aelish was born - an anglicized form of an Irish name meaning "storyteller." Listeners have likened Aelish's sound to classic acts such as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Janis Joplin.

B. Bravo

The funk flows in LA-based B. Bravo. Born and raised in California, with roots in Japan, his signature style of Cosmic Funk and late night synth grooves have made him a favorite among DJ's, Dancers, and music lovers worldwide. A tasteful producer, sought after remixer, party rocking DJ, master of the talkbox, band leader, and alumni of the Red Bull Music Academy, Mr. Bravo is an accomplished performer both at home and abroad. With solo releases on Bastard Jazz Records, Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings, Frite Nite and production credits on the legendary Blue Note Records, HW&W, All City, Friends of Friends, Tokyo Dawn, he's worked with artists like Salva, Mr. Carmack, Teeko & more!

Beauty Queen

The pseudonym of multimedia artist Katie Kai, is an exercise of retro tinged melodic pop that conjures images of late night escapades and youthful abandonment. Born and raised in Maui, Kai moved to Baltimore for college as a painter before work allowed her to explore the lush gold coast of California. Settling in San Francisco in 2019, Kai met with producer Henry Moser of Daywave to begin work on her self-released debut EP Out of Touch. Kai's vibrant vocals float above a layer of hazy guitar lines, 70s inspired synths and pulsating rhythm built for the smoke-filled aura of a sketchy after hours club

Billy Lawler

Recognized for writing profound songs at the piano that combine a throwback soul vibe with crooning vocals, L.A.-based singer-songwriter Billy Lawler released his latest single, "Sorry," in 2019. His live, acoustic sets from esteemed stages that include Hotel Cafe, The Viper Room, and NAMM, have drawn comparisons to acts such as Kevin Garrett, James Blake, and Sam Smith. With an appearance on Good Day Sacramento and a Hollywood Music in Media Award nomination under his belt, he is currently hard at work on his follow-up project, writing new music and sharing stages with other up-and-coming artists.


Blushh is Shab's fuzzy guitar songs that her bandmates help bring to life. Blushh is how she gets out of bed, and leaves it all on stage no matter what's going on inside her head. Blushh is how she makes up for years of apathy and passivity. But Blushh is not just about Shab or her band. Blushh is a means to bring energy into a room filled with people who care. Music is a catalyst for connection, and Blushh is the space where Shab's music is meant to help make those connections.

Broken Baby

Broken Baby is the musical brainchild of veteran indie rocker/producer Alex Dezen (main songwriter and front man of The Damnwells) and Amber Bollinger, former Ohio all-state high jump champion. As a working actor in Hollywood for years, Bollinger experienced unending sexual harassment and misogyny. If you follow the band’s history, it’s clear that it was formed as a vehicle for Bollinger, both as a writer and performer, to channel her rage.

The follow-up to 2018’s self-titled debut, 2021’s Late Stage Optimism features punchy guitars, snaking bass lines, and Bollinger’s diamond-studded snarl, owing as much to The Breeders as SoCal punk. On the first single, “Get the Piss Up,” Bollinger and crew come out swinging with a full-throated howl. “Hand Heat,” the second single, turns introspective—even romantic—though no less blistering. “Romeo and Juliet,” says Bollinger, “but with beat-up vans and jellies.” “Meaniac" combines wit and sarcasm with scorching, lopsided riffs, all the while delivering a deft truth. "I cannot even count how many times I’ve been cut down for sticking up for myself,” Bollinger explains.

Recorded primarily in the couples’ El Sereno, CA, producer and mixer Dezen, who is a veteran of home recordings, breaks from the bedroom aesthetic of other DIY bands and delivers a sound that feels like it came out of a posh studio set ablaze.

Cali Ally

LA native born and raised! DJ partner of Red Light Vinyl Collective! Music enthusiast.

Carly and the Universe

We are Carly and The Universe, nice to meet ya. Thanks for hanging. We are a group of awkward weirdos looking to be creative all day errr day. All of us come from all over the globe, but are based in Los Angeles. We all have a love for creating music together, eating snacks, and picking on each other. Carly is the Cat, Mike is the Moose, Freddy is the Fish, Cameron is the Camarones, and Marshall is the Malamute. Together we make up the animal kingdom that sonically in-turn makes up the Universe.

Is your mind blown? Well, either way, you’re welcome.



Cheridomingo is an emo rock band comprised of Adam Dobrucki, Anthony Aviña, Alex Gonzalez, and Simon Beck. Equipped with a diverse catalogue of heavy hitting choruses, emotional melodies, and absorbing rhythms—they’ve set out to deliver a sonic and live experience that gives their audience the same excitement and rush that the band themselves get when listening to and watching their favorite bands. Rooted in a deep sense of authenticity and togetherness—they continue to grow their community month after month, release after release and show no signs of stopping.

Chloe Gallardo

Chloe Gallardo is a dream rock singer-songwriter from Orange County, CA. Ethereal and shimmering with an edge of darkness, Gallardo’s dream like sonics contrast her darker lyrics and haunting visuals. She has been releasing music since 2017 and putting her own melodic spin on the classic dream-pop sound. Many of her lyrics focus on the turmoil of relationships and growing up—and the self-discovery that comes with both. She is currently recording her debut album “Defamator” at Jazzcat Studios, set to be released in 2022.

Chulita Vinyl Club

Chulita Vinyl Club is made up of women, gender-non-conforming, non-binary, LGBTQ+ and self-identifying people of color. CVC launched in 2014, with the context of providing a safe space for empowerment, togetherness and to utilize music and vinyl as a form of resistance against the erasure of culture


Cohort is a 5-piece band from Los Angeles formed in 2014. The band’s most recent iteration features bassist Jack Ross, keyboardist/saxophonist Miles Tobel, guitarist Mateo Mazariego, drummer Charlie Ziman, and vocalist/guitarist Tula Jussen. Cohort’s sound can be best described as an eclectic mix of elements of funk, jazz, and rock and roll. Their self-titled LP, released in January of 2020, is available on all streaming platforms.

Countless Thousands

Take a show choir reject who was never cool enough for punk rock, throw him a rockabilly axe and have him cash in on all the poetry classes. Take an east coast jazz legend and tell him to lay off the diminished chording and step up the distortion. Take a comic-book drawing Level 5 Dungeoneer and give him +2 Charisma and +5 Vocalwork. Take a civil war reenacting drum geek and sit him down behind a proper kit. What do these nerds come up with? Sixteen tracks of total badassery. Theatricality without pretense. Virtuosic musicianship somehow stuffed into catchy rock anthems.

DJ Benjamin Walker

Take a lifelong love of music, add an internship at one of LA's most iconic radio stations, and you have one of the most versatile, well-liked, DJs in Southern California. Since 2006, from LA to Africa, DJ Benjamin Walker has focused his talents on bringing the party to the people. Benjamin specializes in creating an atmosphere that brings people together to experience the real joy of music and dance like nobody's watching, no matter the room. Benjamin's demonstrated excellence in song selection and pure vibe curation has constantly secured him residencies at some of Southern California's hottest spots and with some of your favorite brands from Netflix to the Conga Room.

DJ Gianna

DJ Gianna has been filling the dance floors of Los Angeles for over 10 years with her eclectic mix of Old School Hip Hop, Motown, Funk, Nu Disco, Indie, EDM, Top 40, and more. Gianna has worked with a wide range of clients for their various types of events including premiere & wrap parties, photo shoots, clubs, corporate events, retail promotional events, festivals, and high-end weddings. At every gig, she brings her professionalism, creativity, adaptability, and a wealth of music knowledge to the dance floor. DJ Gianna works extensively with each client to make sure their event is a huge success and the desired vibe is achieved.

DJ Ivy

Hailing from the East Coast and currently residing in LA, DJ Ivy has turned her hobby into a full-time career. Aside from being the co-owner of her own fashion agency Ladysmyth, you can find her rocking the decks weekly at various popular Hollywood hotspots including The Sayers Club, Breakroom 86, The Chapel at the Abbey, STK, Beauty & Essex and The W Hotel. She is known best as the resident DJ at the popular live entertainment venue The Novo (formerly known as Club Nokia) located in downtown, opening for some of the biggest acts in the biz and lately has been spotted opening at The Fonda & The El Rey in Hollywood. You can also spot her at monthly residencies in Vegas, New York and Cleveland. She has been featured on Power 106 and in Ladygunn magazine for majorly hustling her dual-careers in music and fashion, as well as being published in Thrillist as having one of the 14 coolest jobs in Los Angeles.

DJ Lani Love

An ear for beats and eye for style, Lani Love is known for her eclectic and curated collection of music, including hip hop, R&B, and disco. After a gig as an internet radio music director in Southern California, she started her adventures as a club DJ in New York City in 2007. In late 2011, Lani Love relocated to Chicago and quickly landed residencies at city hotspots: Soho House, Virgin Hotel, and East Room. Her sets were well received, as she was featured in the Chicago Tribune (2015) and voted Chicago's Best DJ by Chicago Magazine readers three years in a row (2014, 2015, 2016). In 2018, Lani Love was an official SXSW artist playing showcases for Showtime, Tidal, and Mercedes-Benz

DJ Majestik

DJ Majestik's numerous accomplishments in radio and the music industry have earned him recognition among artists and music groups all over. Besides being one of the select DJs to be both an on-air personality and mix show DJ in LA radio, Majestik has also performed at events with top music artists in many parts of the world. Majestik continues to leave an impression on club goers, both locally and internationally. With style and skill that separates him from the rest, he has traveled to play elite events around the globe, in cities including Berlin, Manila, Montreal, and Shanghai. DJ Majestik has also added satellite radio to his extensive resume, being a featured mixer on world-renowned.

DJ Miss Ninja

Born and raised in Los Angeles California, MissNINJA earned her name when it was discovered that she is a Second Degree Black Belt and World Champion in the martial art of Ju-Jitsu. Both her time training on the mat and behind the turntables has given MissNINJA super sharp skills as a fighter as well as a DJ. Her training in both fields began early in childhood and she has grown into a recognized powerhouse in both realms. Known for her in depth knowledge of music spanning across a wide variety of genres, MissNINJA has the ability to read and move a crowd. Spinning everything from 80's to Top 40, 90's Hip Hop to Electro & Dubstep, Disco to Classic Rock, she is able to deliver a sound that is always unique, energetic & exciting.

DJ Morse Code

Growing up in San Francisco in the 90's, Nathaniel Morse was captivated by the diversity and quality of the burgeoning local DJ scene. Witnessing DMC and ITF battles for the first time and subsequently learning the history of hip-hop and djing, he became obsessed with mastering the craft from then on. He is a master of true open format DJing, having immersed himself in many styles of music over the years, from dance music to hip-hop to disco to rock to pop and much more. It is his impeccable ear and technical skill that has earned him international acclaim and the respect of many reputable figures in the DJ world.

DJ N-Dot

Norris Barnes a.k.a DJ N-Dot is an open format international DJ from Los Angeles, specifically the 818. He’s become one of the industry’s best kept secrets, DJing for the likes of Dave Chappelle, Lil Rel, Lakeith Stanfield, Sean Garrett, Mekhi Phifer just to name a few. He has a special ability to read and control the crowd while keeping the party going.. Follow him on social media for all updates.

DJ Sol

Dj Sol Presidenta at Gata Recordingz

Plays funk, disco, house and nu disco.

DJ Splyce

SPLYCE brings a special energy to every show he does. Having traveled the world as an open format DJ, he understands the power of music, and uses a unique combination of technical ability, turntablism, creativity, and strategic music selection to create moments that can really move an audience. As the first and only DJ to be a guest on CNN’s Larry King Live, he always praises that opportunity as a crucial building block to be a top choice to perform for top celebrities, corporate events, weddings, fashion shows, movie premiers, nightclubs, and more. Splyce uses his Los Angeles home as the backbone for his music career, where he owns a top of the line recording studio which serves as the hub for his album creation, radio shows and guest mixes, podcasts, and DJ sets.

DJ Tessa

DJ Tessa is no stranger to music and entrepreneurship. She has successfully married the two by managing her own DJ career as well as founding Prism DJs, LA's largest DJ booking agency supporting solely female DJs. Tessa's combined love for music culture, business, and entrepreneurship, as well as her passion for equality and diversity, brought Tessa to where she is today: a full-time DJ and owner of a Dj booking agency. Her goal is to continue moving forward with her personal DJ career while building and contributing to the success of her booking agency Prism DJs.


In a world that is constantly shifting, breaking and recreating - we need to continue to tell those stories as the soundtrack to our lives. Through the past decade, Dankrupt has become an ever evolving blend of Alternative Rock (the left brain) & Reggae (the right brain). The quartet - Stone Wells (Vocals, Guitar), D "Deez on Keyz" Shields (Vocals, Keys), Twitch "My Name is Twitch" Lottie (Drums, Percussion), & Nicky B (Bass) - have continued to elevate and recreate themselves at every corner. On a constant search for creative breakthroughs, the band has been self producing their recent records in house at their North Hollywood Studio & in Stone Wells Tarzana Studio. Being that each member brings such unique styles & vibes to every project, the goal is simple - more records, more often. The feeling that comes leaving a melodic legacy for the world to share is unmatched and Dankrupt is a musical evolution in full effect, capturing each step of the journey.

Derek Day

Derek Day, 24. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA he infuses the power of Rock N' Roll N' Other Genres (R&B, Soul, Punk and Pop) as he engages with and captures the audience theatrically. He's on the lead, licky, riffy Electric Guitar to accompany his burning-lead, gritty, soulful contralto Vocals.


In a garage full of broken, sentimental equipment, Draag began in 2013 as a solo project of Adrian Acosta, trained as a mariachi singer by his father who was an established norteno musician. He went on to recruit members influenced by upbringings in the worlds of underground punk, no wave, experimental jazz, and classical music training. The project has since evolved into a blissfully painful wall of sound interweaving shoegaze, ambient, electro-industrial, sludge, and something akin to Sleep meets Stereolab. Draag gained a reputation for their sonically immersive live shows, transforming the most DIY to the most sophisticated of spaces into what was described as a dive into a Neptunian air.

Dream Phases

Raised in California and steeped in the unique elements of the West Coast, Dream Phases filters the magic that emanates from all that surrounds them. From the sun-soaked beaches, verdant valleys, and soaring mountains, to the hard-boiled legacy of Los Angeles and the bright, neon promise of Hollywood, the band is a reflection of the environment in which they are immersed. Dream Phases began with a vision of evolving the sounds launched by legendary L.A. bands such as The Byrds, The Beach Boys, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, as well as those who followed, including The Rain Parade, Elliott Smith, Darker My Love, and Autolux.

Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You is one of the most entertaining SELENA tribute bands around. They enlighten the stage with their presence & high energy, bringing you the best of Selena's classics & much more. Get ready to dance to the rhythm of "Bidi bidi Bom bom," swing to the techno cumbia beat of "Baila esta cumbia," and get romantic with the sweet ballad "Dreaming of you." The musicians of Dreaming of You have toured & recorded with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Joan Sebastian, and Jennifer Mills (to name a few) & have a deep admiration for Selena's catchy songs & her perennial contribution to music & Mexican American culture. So jump into the nostalgia & romance of a beautiful memory!

Even Kevin

Prior to their meeting at UCLA in 2020, Michael Zuker and Wil Sheets were both gearing up to launch solo careers as singer-songwriters. Fueled by their mutual respect for surf rock, bedroom pop, indie jams and jazz tunes, their extracurricular jam sessions took a more productive turn when the COVID-19 pandemic opened up plenty of free time to record their original songs in Michael's closet. Both Bay Area-native Wil and LA-native Michael are skilled singers, guitarists, and bassists; the rest is provided by their team of talented musicians, visual artists, and filmmakers.


FOXTRAX successfully sliced through the saturated scene in New York, because of their ability to produce a contemporary catchy chorus and haunting hook, all the while staying true to an authentic 60s soul style, bluesy sound. This is evident throughout "The Cabin" EP in which emotive lyrics, intricate instrumentals and pop-anthem style choruses allow FOXTRAX to effortlessly and effectively weave between genres.

Flamango Bay

Flamango bay is an LA based indie/pop/rock with roots in the Bay Area. They are influenced by a diverse array of musical genres, ranging from Garage Rock and 90’s Alternative, to R&B and Jazz. They are reminiscent of acts such as Mitski, Beabadoobee, Samia, and Lunar Vacation. As a non-binary and female fronted, queer band, they are pushing for a more diverse and inclusive indie scene.


An old soul with a new sound, Olivia Morreale, (Foxie) found her true musical home as a teenager sitting in at late-night R&B and jazz jam sessions in Manhattan. With a sound that reflects old-school artists, current sounds, and bits and pieces of life, Foxie's voice carries a unique perspective that transcends any era. Foxie has played at various venues in Los Angeles as a solo artist, as well as the lead vocalist of the all-female rock group MOTHER, and has also sung with big bands and has recorded lead and background vocals for several acts around the Los Angeles area, and was also a vocalist with the Satin Dollz, a Los-Angeles, Paris, and London-based pinup group.

Ghost Lit Kingdom

Ghost Lit Kingdom stands alone in their eclectic, self proclaimed genre of Anthemic Alternative Indie Pop. Exploding onto the scene with tremendous momentum from their debut release, the I Was Born EP, in July of 2015 and their Troubadour release show, Ghost Lit Kingdom is quickly making their mark on the LA music scene with energetic live performances, powerful vocals, stunning musicianship and songwriting of incomparable depth in today's pop music. GLK has teamed up with rising production powerhouse Block of Joy for the next record and things are continuing upward.

Ghoul Kids

Ghoul Kids is a high energy rock duo that originated in San Francisco, California. They have played at various venues such as Slim's, the Whisky a go-go and Molly Malone's. While they only consist of two people, their original sound and dynamics are hard to ignore as well as their energy and stage presence.


Golda may is an indie alt artist originally hailing from Chicago, now in LA, or really wherever the next best bagel or croissant may be. Each song Golda writes is a world of its own, a usually cathartic emotionally almost-overwhelming sound that envelops and transcends her very very astute hot listeners. Influences from Feist, Radiohead, and Grizzly Bear can be heard in her releases, an indie amalgamation you couldn't dream of. She recently made 100 Indie Artists to watch from Tunecore, so whatever that means to you, let it mean a lot. Golda wants to remind everyone, she loves you and please drink water.


Hannah is a band from the Simi Valley/San Fernando Valley region. They play music that comes from various influences including, Synthpop, Latin pop, Blues Rock, and beach wave. Hannah play shows and venues all along the greater Los Angeles Region including the Highland Park Bowl, the Echo, the Smell, the Mint, and Los Globos.

They are currently working on our third studio album.

Hard Shine

Hard Shine is a Blues-Infused, action-packed, female-fronted quartet bringing modern sensibilities to the vintage sounds of rockabilly and swing. Hard Shine emphasizes our Jump and Hot Blues-based original songs with unique covers of rock and blues classics sprinkled in.

Hoity Toity

Hoity-Toity is an all-girl alternative band from Redlands, CA.Combining vicious rock riffs with catchy pop melodies and an irresistible groove, Hoity-Toity’s diverse influences merge to form a fresh, dynamic style that defies categorization. With their glam-inspired aesthetic and energetic live show, the band has shared the stage with the likes of 70’s LA punk pioneer Alice Bag and 80’s platinum-selling rockers Great White.

It's Butter

It’s Butter is a Southern California based alt-rock band creating happy music for anxious people. The blend of pop, rock, and R&B is put together by born-and-raised valley girl, Britta Raci and Colombian spice, Diego Patino, with the help of east coast native bassist, Johnnie Gilmore. Since 2016, It’s Butter has been adding a funky spin on sad-girl indie pop rock with a lot of wah-pedal and slap bass.


To stand out as a singer songwriter in Los Angeles’ high-octane music industry isa dream that is beyond the reaches of many. But for Jacqriot, a woman of astounding abilities with so much talent in the bank, her star burns brightly in the night sky of the city of angels like no other. Determined not to be defined by others’ expectations, she dives invitingly into a heady mix of Alternative, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and Deep Dark Electro. This is music on her terms, all supported by a voice that evocatively sings her melodies into being and influenced by the vocal queens of years gone by.

Drawing on the work of Mariah Carey, Jody Watley, her idol Tina Turner, Madonna and hugely inspired by Björk, Jacqriot has already planted her flag firmly in the ground. That West Coast feel of Dr Dre, Snoop, 2Pac, Game, Cube and beyond, also touches her sultry vocals as her first three singles testify. “How Does It Feel”, “Ready for Me” and “Rush”, are testament to that diversity of sound that she is focused on creating. From straight R&B to a walk on the darker side of electro trap-tinged songs, she is pursuing her musical freedom like any strong independent woman should. With a whole host of songs ready to drop in 2022, this year will be when her career runs riot. Discover the world of Jacqriot and meet an artist unafraid to take you on a journey to the future.

 “There is no shame in fantasizing, desiring, dreaming and seeking whatever type of connection your soul wants to experience.”

Jagged Baptist Club

Jagged Baptist Club is an American rock band consisting of longstanding Los Angeles based musicians Blake Stokes, Morgan Ponder, Josh Boyd, and CJ Ramsey. Their debut full-length album, Reptile Super Show, was released in summer of 2019 on Chain Letter Collective. 

In February 2021 the world renowned LA based radio station, KCRW debuted their newest single “Temptation Death House”. The single has since gained airplay on RTE2fm in Ireland, Aire Libre in Mexico City KXLU in Los Angeles and KXSF in San Francisco.

November 2021 saw the release of their full-length “Temptation Death House” which was immediately supported by KCRW, KXLU, BBC Music, XS Manchester and Radio X. The band celebrated the release of the album with a five night residency at the legendary Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles and a headlining set for the world renowned “It’s a School Night” showcase.

Having been compared to Primal Scream and Depeche Mode, with influences including Blur, Public Image Limited, The Birthday Party, and Division of Laura Lee, their music and live show have garnered positive response from audiences and critics alike.


JARA is a singer, songwriter, producer, from San Diego California. Inspired by 80's horror films like Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, and The Lost Boys and taking from 50's and 60's classic romantic vibes, JARA creates a world of dreamy romance juxtaposed with raunchy, and sometimes dark themes.

Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls

Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls' new album, But There's Nowhere To Go, is a cry from the broken belly of the American Dream, where time, neglect, and corruption have taken their toll. Seems like there's nothing left to do but howl at the moon, and set out through the wilderness of the unknown in search of a new direction. But There's Nowhere To Go builds on the same foundation of fiery roots-rock heard on their previous albums, which prompted Paste Magazine to call their first record, The Vain Hope Of Horse (which featured guests Tom Morello [Rage Against The Machine], Wayne Kramer [The MC5], and Nels Cline [Wilco]), a wonderful debut: ragged, soulful, and well written.

Jeffery Lyman

DJ Jeffery Lyman is the resident DJ and one of the founders of Club 90s, LA's biggest throwback party every Friday at Los Globos in Silverlake. He started DJing 13 years ago and has been a resident for some of LA's best parties including Club Beat It, Dance, Bang, Underground, and Tigerheat. He is currently the most satisfied he has ever been in his career because of the diversity of Club 90s. In one week he could go from an all electronic set at a Daft Punk night to a bubblegum pop set at a Britney Spears night. He also loves bringing his party on the road including monthly parties in San Francisco, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Joker's Hand

From Torrance, Joker's Hand was formed by Kevin Kawano and Matt Lau while attending film school in Santa Cruz. Their explosive live shows coupled with excellent musicianship has catapulted them above the noise floor of the Los Angeles rock music scene. In early 2019, the band met with producers Steve Ornest and Wyn Davis at Total Access Recording Studios (Sublime, No Doubt, Guns N' Roses) to begin working on their debut EP. Their first single "Anthem" is currently in rotation throughout the Southwest on FM rock radio stations. Best described as retro rock with a punk edge, Joker's Hand songs are timeless and and their commercial accessibility reaches across the generations.


KURMAN is a British Cantonese singer/songwriter with a passion for making music for anyone. His style has been developing since he was 16 years old. From The Beatles to Mariah Carey, any song can become inspiration for his work. 

Although music means the world to KURMAN, his biggest dream was to be a professional footballer in the UK. Once he moved to America, however, KURMAN fell in love with performing live.

After completing the set list for MY HOURS IN HER LIFE, KURMAN realized he had his first album ready to go. His debut album was initially meant for live performances, but has developed into its own digital copy. The album explores his own experiences in falling in and out of love. Each song has its own style and unique sound, allowing the album to tell a complete story.

L.A. 909

L.A.909 are a husband-and-wife DJ duo based out of Los Angeles, California. Having both been influenced by their parents' eclectic music taste at a young age, they now spread their joint passion for music by hosting an online radio show and running an underground music label. With former residencies at the Ace Hotel in DTLA & Paper Tiger Bar under their belts, along with guest appearances at various venues across Southern California, their DJ sets have been known to cover a wide range of upbeat styles known to get a crowd moving.

La Mera Candelaria

La Mera Candelaria, a woman-fronted, Caribbean salsa/cumbia project based in LosAngeles, CA, has a unique musical style that is a light-hearted, vivacious mixture of tropical rhythms; sassy, humorous lyrics that deliver a powerfully feminist message; and a humble, countryside flavor! The project's combination of coastal Colombian-inspired cumbia with Son Caribeño is what makes it so unique and unforgettable -- while at times the rhythms and bass lines suggest classic cumbia, the group utilizes a Cuban tres as the lead instrument, and dip in and out of classic salsa rhythms, lending to the group's unmistakable earthy, Caribbean sabór. Featuring only live instrumentation and a small line-up, the group's style lends a unique sense of “throwback” to older traditions of Latinx music. Though the music itself is a modern interpretation of traditional Latinx musical styles, La Mera’s message is as cutting-edge, contemporary, and timely as it gets.The project was launched in summer 2017 by Bay Area musical transplant, Stephani "La Mera" Candelaria, a queer fourth-generation Xicana, who has been performing as front-womxn/vocalist since 2008. Though still relatively new to the LA Latinx music scene, La Mera Candelaria's unique musical style and powerfully feminist content, combined with a dynamic and energetic performance, have already helped the group to build a strong following on the West Coast. Brett Callwood of LA Weekly writes: "Candelaria is a badass. A passionate and “sassy” (her word) performer with biting wit and no-nonsense feminism in the lyrics. She mashes the traditional and contemporary together, resulting in music that crosses the generational gap."

Matt Braaten

Matt Braaten's music can be described as a mix of Americana, folk-rock and indie. He grew up in Minnesota, performing in bands there, then moved to LA. Matt's album "Walk in the Sun" includes Eric Gardner (Tom Morello, Morrissey, etc.) on drums, Harry Ostrem on bass and Andrea Padilla on guitar. Jon Siebels (Eve 6) is featured on and co-produced several album tracks. When Matt plays live, his backing band - The New Usuals - usually includes Dave Brittman on drums, Greg Coats on lead guitar and Harry on bass. They perform his original songs and eclectic covers. Matt is also in the acoustic duo Blue Sky Divide with Paul Boruta.

Matt Braaten & The New Usuals

The music of Matt Braaten & The New Usuals is a mix of Americana and Indie Rock. Matt’s first solo album "Walk in the Sun” and his other releases are available on Apple Music, Spotify and all the usual places. The New Usuals include Matt on vocals/guitar, Dave Brittman on drums, Greg Coats on lead guitar and Harry Ostrem on bass/vocals. They perform Matt's original songs as well as fun covers. Matt is a member of BMI.


Mediocre is the musical union of Piper Torrison and Keely Martin, two multi-instrumentalists hailing from Culver City, California. Recently signed to Dangerbird Records, Mediocre released a trio of singles under the label last year, ranging from the dream scape of ‘Give In’ to the playful grunginess of ‘Mattress Bitch’. Their music straddles the line between raw, power pop and fuzzy garage rock, while still maintaining considerable charm. Taking inspiration from the 90's alternative scene, BritPop, and the early 2000's garage rock revival, Mediocre pulls from a variety of genres which they are excited to explore in their upcoming EP!

Melted Vinyl

Melted Vinyl is a collaboration of Southern California's 4 young musicians Sam Kritzer (Drums), Wolfgang King (Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Juan T. Lopez (Bass), and Michael Carpenter Jr (Guitar). The band has sold out Hollywood's The Troubadour, The Whisky, The House of Blues, and supported Vince Neil, Jefferson Starship, and Slash. Playing driving Rock music like they were raised in the 70's, they made a name for themselves in Hollywood's most sought out rock clubs. Their EP entitled, Melted Vinyl, has been played on numerous radio stations including the famous 95.5 KLOS in Southern California. They have been featured in Huffington Post and placed 2 of their songs on on Pandora

Modern Racket

Coming up from Hemet, CA., Modern Racket delivers hard hitting originals that will surely capture the attention of all who love music. With a diverse sound and atmospheric vibe, all who listen can relate to at least one song. The idea to bring others together no matter where you come from, what you look like, what you've been through, or what you listen to, Modern Racket creates from the heart and wants to take everyone on their musical journey.


Based out of Los Angeles, NIEMAN aims to bring content with depth and substance back to a genre that is saturated with the same themes and messages. Known for "exhibiting uniqueness in approach, confidence in sound and a pure perspective on music," according to, NIEMAN believes in staying true to the genre, but continually elevating and pushing the envelope sonically.

New Media

New Media is an indie-rock four piece consisting of Zach Noel, Jack Meighan, Tamara Simons, and Julien Nicolai. Their sound incorporates the melodic noise and fuzz of the classic indie and alternative era such as Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, The Replacements, and Fugazi; the exploratory guitar interplay of bands such as Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Wilco, and Built to Spill; the atmospheric, psychedelic folk-rock of newer acts like Kurt Vile and The War on Drugs, and the angular pulse of the 2000's post-punk revival to hold it all together. Basically, what you'd find in a record collection spanning more than four decades of modern indie and alternative rock belonging to four voraciously music-obsessed mi

Night Market

Night Market is a Los Angeles based indie rock band consisting of singer/guitarist Evan Effres and singer/guitarist Jon Swan. Formed in the summer of 2017, Night Market's sound was born from their love of bands such as Built to Spill, Real Estate, Dr. Dog, and Young The Giant. The band released their first self-titled EP in October 2018 and are releasing an acoustic EP in May 2019. They have a long repertoire of songs written by Effres and Swan, some of which have been featured on the NBC series Manifest (Miles Alone), The Mysteries of Laura (White Seasons and Start Over New) and the ABC series A Million Little Things (White Seasons). You can catch Night Market performing at various venues.

Night Talks

Night Talks is an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, California. With vocals that are equal parts angelic and razor-tipped, bass and drums that drive, and powerful, shimmering guitars, they'll remind you of the first time you stayed in your room all night listening to a record.

Nima Kazerouni

The universe, it talks to me, Nima Kazerouni sings on No Need to Shout, one of the songs on the first full-length from Crown Plaza. Over the years, it's said a lot, as Kazerouni has juggled leading his day band So Many Wizards with Crown Plaza and a few other side projects. Kazerouni has a penchant for turning those conversations into poignant pop." - buzzbands

Olivia Morreale

Olivia Morreale grew up in a household soundtracked by jazz greats like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald. In high school, when she moved to New York City, she became infatuated with the underground jazz scene and the collaborative nature of the genre. She’s a self-taught pianist and guitar player, but her foray into songwriting took flight when she moved to LA to attend USC. Melding her jazz background with her new immersion in the pop utopia of Los Angeles, Olivia started to pave her own sonic journey, resulting in a sound inspired by synth-pop, chillwave, jazz, and soul. Her music is timeless and refreshing all at once.

In addition to her own releases, Olivia has toured as a background singer for Engelbert Humperdinck and was featured as a star vocalist on Jason Goldman’s Hypnotized EP. Her sultry and distinctive vocals have been her long standing calling card and her upcoming second EP, spring cleaning, is a reflection of her soulful indie-pop production and writing in conjunction with her unique style as a vocalist.

Opus Vitae

Opus Vitae (meaning life's work) is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist / singer Banah Winn. Inspired by Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) Winn takes the same approach of composing, and recording solo. His latest effort, a 14 song collection called "Gramercy" is a real-time autobiography of a year. A fluid narrative in which each song seeks to capture the emotion or feeling of a moment in time. Bringing the record to life in a explosive fashion are Montreal native Yan Claremont Clermont, Seattle natives Pat Birney, and Miles Frank, as well as Gerry Matthews, and Chris Vargas.

Patrolled By Radar

You can trace an almost linear route from the unfiltered moments of Dylan and The Hawks through Gram Parsons, to Tom Petty (with a slight detour along the way for chunks of the Rolling Stones circa 1969-72 and a speed bump called 'Tom Waits in the '90s').The latest extension of this musical highway is paved by Patrolled By Radar, led by songwriter Jay Souza, aka RJ Bloke. On their latest album, Cool Your Jets, the Los Angeles based band fuses the finer elements of the past four decades to craft rock songs whose appeal defies genre or classification. Once again the band tapped Grammy nominated producer Peter Curry (Los Straitjackets) to record, mix & produce the album, as he's done with their first two releases, and the strength of that relationship translates to the confidence PBR displays in their songwriting and performance. Curry, who also plays bass (and sometimes drums) on the new release refers to the songwriting as"flash fiction with music." Adding further praise, he says "Jay has more in common with The Kinks than any of the current crop of 'Americana.' His songs tell stories that are simultaneously funny, sad and ironic, and the music rocks. He's one of those rare songwriters who crafts melodies as strong as his lyrics. "Aside from multiple rounds of touring on their own across the US, Patrolled By Radar has shared the stage with an eclectic array of artists such as Los Lonely Boys, Taj Mahal, The Jayhawks, Tim Finn w/ Richard Thompson, Holly Golightly & The Broke offs, the Gourds, Dave & Phil Alvin, and Los Straitjackets.

Possible Oceans

Possible Oceans is an LA based experimental indie rock band led by singer/guitarist Trevor O'Neill and long-time songwriting partner Daniel Berkman. Their sound is comprised of driving rhythms, pulsing synths, and interweaving guitar lines, which form the perfect landscape for O'Neill's stirring vocals and intimate lyrics. Informed by O'Neill's study of world music cultures at UCLA's Ethnomusicology department, and drawing on influences from The National and New Order to Queens of the Stone Age, the group creates songs that sit just outside what you would expect from indie rock

Ramonda Hammer

Ramonda Hammer is a Los Angeles four-piece "steeped in the sounds of 90s alt rock" (She Shreds). While the band's blistering guitars and front-woman Devin Davis’s paint-peeling vocals recall past greats like Hole and contemporaries like Mannequin Pussy, "Ramonda Hammer is instantly identifiable thanks to a dark and moody edge of their own" (Kerrang!).
The band's 2017 EP Destroyers, which Rolling Stone described as sounding like"an alternate Nineties where L7 was the biggest band in the world,"cemented them as a tentpole act in LA’s surging community of womxn- and queer-fronted bands. Playing show after show, Davis, along with guitarist Justin Geter, bassist Andy Hengl, and drummer Mark Edwards, have made it impossible not to get swept up in the energy and raw emotion poured out in a Ramonda Hammer set. And over the next several years, the band toured the U.S. relentlessly while also working diligently on their first full-length record.
In 2019, RH finally released their searing debut LP I Never Wanted Company. On this album, Davis takes a hard look at her struggle between despairing loneliness and embracing independence; it's bruising, cathartic, searching, and ultimately therapeutic. Featuring production by Alex Newport (At The Drive In,Bloc Party), I Never Wanted Company is a powerful first LP for the quartet. INWC's lead single "Hoax" has been featured so far on popular shows on Comedy Central and The CW. Most recently, the band teamed up with producer Sarah Tudzin of Illuminati Hotties. They put out two powerhouse singles, "Big Hands" and "All For What", and are continuing to work on a full length record with Tudzin. The plan is for an early 2023 release and tours to follow! In the meantime, you can follow RH on all socials to stay Hammered!

Rusty Tinder

Progressive folk music has been waiting for an artist to shake the music industry up. Rusty Tinder is the earthquake of musical force that will lift your soul out of your body and set it back gently. You want an antidote to the negativity of the world, then you must lose yourself in the powerful music of Rusty Tinder. The cure for those “I-don’t-know-what-the-heck-is-going-to-happen-next” blues!

Sacred Spiral

Sacred Spiral is a Los Angeles-based arts and performance collective that celebrates mindfulness and communion by creating engaging and dynamic spaces. Nathan Lopez and Isabella Bustanoby, the group’s creators, showcase talents of uniquely assembled quintets, consisting of different veteran musicians, with every performance they have. Alongside Nathan and Isabella, the group seeks to use collaboration and improvisation to reflect on the vast background of Jazz music and provide insights into its lively future.

Siam Jem

“Siam Jem, founded in 2017, is the darling dream-pop project of one Michaela Rabina. Shoegazing, an unfathomable adoration for both Kevin Parker and Kevin Shields as well as incredibly memorable synth-laden melodies encompass all that Siam Jem has been percolating on for this past year of 2020 in relative hibernation.” - Dylan Robinson


Siam Jem is Michaela Rabina on vocals & guitar, Lauren Peña on lead guitar, Minli Flynn on bass, Elias Perez on keys, & Damian Pacheco on drums.

Sieze The Night

High energy 5-piece Los Angeles-based cover band performing the greatest hits from the 60's through present day! Members include Marc Pollock on Bass, Scott Sanders on Guitar, Harvey James on Drums, Jeff McCollister on Vocals, and Jeff Bryan on Keys.

Sorry Party

A 90's Alt-leaning Indie Rock Band, Sorry Party is socially conscious, emotionally aware and loud as hell. With thoughtful verses, huge anthemic choruses and big riffs in between, their songs are packed to the gills with all that rock n' roll has to offer. Since the release of their debut album "Saw It Coming", which saw tracks premiering on KROQ's Locals Only and Earmilk, they've been playing shows across the US, and are excited to bring their well crafted and sincere live show back to their hometown of Los Angeles.

Starlight Cleaning Co.

Originally meeting at Pappy and Harriet's in 2015, musicians Rachel Dean and Tim Paul Gray turned their respective solo acts into a full band three years ago, resulting in a soulful and beautifully focused operation that sounds like they could have thrived in both the Seventies and Eighties. Together in harmony, Starlight Cleaning Co. recall the great male-female duos such as Buckingham Nicks, Sonny & Cher, Gram & Emmylou and John Doe & Exene.

Taja Barber
Talk Time

TALK TIME is an indie pop duo from East LA, the collaboration of singer-songwriter Edson Choi and multi-instrumentalist Mike Nissen. The duo’s unique perspective draws from Choi’s “third culture kid” background, and filters it through their laid-back Californian sensibility. With an earnest lyrical style and big hooky choruses, their sound lives inside a lush world of textures and riffs.

Since debuting in 2018, TALK TIME has been featured by KCRW, KROQ, and Conan O’Brien, among others. Like their debut, the second EP is produced and engineered by Math Bishop (Silversun Pickups, The Killers) and is set for a Summer 2021 release.

Tara Macri

Tara Macri is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and actress who has been featured on stage and screen. An energetic and versatile performer, Tara's latest single, Meet me on Mars is climbing the charts and garnering attention on YouTube and social media She is also known for creating power-pop anthems such as "This Crush", "Cardboard Castle", "Strawberry Moon" and "Prettiest Girl in the Room". "Prettiest Girl in the Room" played for months on radio and satellite stations across America and broke Billboard's Top 100. PGITR room was produced by Greg Collin and mixed by Chris Lord Alge.

The Captain's Son

The Captain's Son has the ability to blend catchy warm guitar melodies, laid-back harmonizing vocals, & upbeat drum rhythms, reminiscent of early California surf pop. Taking influence from 60’s artists & modern indie groups, the band is able to combine beautiful layered harmonies with classic garage rock n’ roll. The band has truly succeeded in crafting a unique, yet familiar sound all their own.

Living in Springfield, MO, TCS formed after Byrd and Hayden started playing together in late 2010. Hopkins would later join the band in 2015, replacing the original bassist. Isolated in a basement most of the time, the three realized they shared the same passion for music & the same desire for adventure. That passion encouraged them, and still does, to continue their journey as The Captain's Son. 

Leaving jobs, girlfriends, and a handful of other responsibilities, TCS relocated to Long Beach, CA in the summer of 2016. Josh Adams joined the band late summer 2019. Byrd and Adams knew one another from years spent growing up in Georgia, & Adams, having recently moved out to Southern California, found the perfect opportunity to join forces with an old friend. 

The band's latest release, 'The Honey Moon' EP, encompasses everything from raw upbeat Rock N' Roll to psychedelic stoner jams to laid back beach vibes, all within 4 songs. 

Available on all streaming platforms.

The Cinnamon Boys

The Cinnamon Boys are an Eagle Rock-based band who specialize in jamming on the songs of the great Neil Young. Country-fried and hippified, thrashin' and bashin', they'll take you on a psychedelic journey through the Godfather of Grunge's deep cuts, loose grooves and stone-cold classics. Featuring James Rickman on guitar and lead vocals, Josh Lucan on bass and vocals and Alex Scordelis on drums, The Cinnamon Boys are longtime friends who launched this Neil Young project in 2017. Their only stated goals? Play it loud and keep on rockin' in the free world.

The Dirty Dukes

We’re a 4 piece, L.A. based rock n’ roll band formed Fall of 2021. We've been lucky enough to have played some of the top clubs around town including The Mint, Viper Room and Molly Malone's. Our first single "Where the Bad Things Go", is available on all music streaming services. With no intention of slowing down, our goal is to be a touring rock n roll band playing our vast collection of original songs, along with a few classics. We're certain after you listen to us perform, watch our videos, and sing along to our first single, you will as well.

The Fabba Show

The FABBA Show is the sensational, authentic and truly magical tribute to ABBA. “The World’s top ABBA tribute show,” said the London Times  “Even better than the originals live,”  Featuring a high energy, full of fun, international cast that take you on a glittery, sparkly and truly magical journey back to the disco and the 70s. Famous for their fabulous costumes, exciting choreography and ability to drive an audience wild, fans are left dancing in the aisles and singing at the top of their voices. ABBA’s legend lives on, with over 600 million records sold, hit after hit of dance floor classics. "Dancing Queen", “Waterloo", “Take a Chance”, ”Mamma Mia”, "Super Trouper", “Gimme Gimme” and so many more. Then a whole new generation fell in love with the Mamma Mia movies. 


The FABBA Show has played these prestigious venues: The 02 Arena, The Queen’s Jubilee Concert,London Civic Hall, Glastonbury Festival, Wembley Arena, Theater Royal, Windsor, England and New Year’s Eve for the City of Dubai.

The Flusters

After an 18-month hiatus from live shows, THE FLUSTERS are back. Palm Desert quartet, THE FLUSTERS, gained some notoriety in 2016 when they were one of the local bands added to the Coachella lineup. Since then — besides remaining one of the sharpest-dressed bands out there — they’ve toured nationally and cultivated a retro/modern sound they call “Dreamsurf,” The foursome (singer-guitarist Dougie Van Sant, guitarist-vocalist Danny White, bassist-vocalist Mario Estrada and drummer Ethan Banas) play an affecting mix of hyper-romantic guitar-pop that at times sounds like Morrissey giving a concert out of the back of a Woody at a beach party.

The Grinns

Born in 2014 from a mundane high school history class, The Grinns formed as an after school ritual to escape from classwork. Initially composed of singer and lyricist Joey Kolk, guitarist Jackson Jarrett and bassist/producer Ramtin Khoee, the group found shared influence in artists such as The Smiths, The Beatles, and 50s Surf Rock. With the addition of Francisco Jorquiera on guitar and drummer Frederico Hadyka, a final lineup was cemented - as well as a strong brotherhood between the members. After much anticipation, The Grinns released their debut album "Golden Hour" on January 2nd.

The Jarrod Tyler Band

The Jarrod Tyler Band is a melodically infectious, piano based group that has earned a reputation for their rockin' live shows and memorable albums. Tyler's songwriting venerates the classic piano rock of Billy Joel and Paul McCartney, melding it with new-wave textures and deep summer shades. The JTB's music has been featured on FOX and ABC. In addition, the band released their 4th studio album on Spotify in January of 2020 entitled "Fallout Shelter", the title track of which they also filmed a video for.

The Jim Jedeikin Quartet

Jim Jedeikin grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He began playing saxophone at age 14, and received a Bachelor of Music from San Francisco State University in 1988. He studied with Greg Dufford (of the SF Opera Orchestra), John Handy, Jaki Byard, and attended Barry Harris's jazz workshops in New York. Jim lived in New York City for many years, but now resides in Los Angeles, where he can be heard with several groups, including Royal Crown Revue, Mambo Combo Latin Jazz Ensemble, the Dean Mora Orchestra, the Johnny Crawford Orchestra, Ebi Hamedi, Geo Valle Swing City Big Band, the Pasadena Jazz Orchestra, the Jonathan Stout Orchestra, the Hollywood Combo, and the Disneyland Band.

The Nectarines

Hailing from Long Beach, Nectarines make music that is slightly Goth, with a vibe that feels a bit like The Pixies on codeine. Glorious, honeyed, heavy, and rhythmic, Nectarines recall a simpler time, a time when clove cigarettes, asymmetrical haircuts, and dark fashion told you were in the right place, and then the band kicked in and there was no question. This is music that was made for introspective dancing. FINGERPRINTS RECORDS

The Only Ocean

The Only Ocean is a 4 piece indie-post punk-alternative rock outfit. Blending the pop sensualities of Spice Girls and the guitars of My Bloody Valentine. From Lompoc, California, vocalist/guitar player Wesley Hill relocated the band to Los Angeles. With new members Tamara Simons (guitar), Jordan Kaufman (bass) and Jonathan Palmquist (drums), The Only Ocean is a new force. From "Still You Won't" to "Fake Sunflowers", The Only Ocean's sound will keep you on the edge of your seat. "Still You Won't" is currently in rotation on KROQ's Locals Only every Sunday with Kat Corbett. The Only Ocean has been named an "Artist to Watch" for 2020 by and played their showcase at The Satellite.

The Rare Occasions

Drawing inspiration from each successive wave of garage rock, The Rare Occasions put their own dark spin on retro. Pairing dizzying cacophonies of angular riffs with sweet indie pop melodies, The Rare Occasions have crafted a multifaceted and charismatic brand of indie rock. The Los Angeles quartet's three self-produced, critically-acclaimed EPs demonstrate the band's capacity to keep the listener in anticipation, from the blistering psych-anthem "Dysphoric" (Feelers) to the dreamlike "Bug Eyes" (Futureproof) . This variability and depth of styles, layered with lyrical themes of existentialism and self-reflection, are what both define The Rare Occasions and set them apart.

The Urban Renewal Project

The Urban Renewal Project is a Los Angeles-based band that plays an original mix of jazz, soul and hip hop featuring a singer, a rapper and a huge horn section. Since 2010, the thirteen-piece ensemble has teamed up with vocalists from across the spectrum to blend the hip-shaking grooves and deep pocket of today's music with face-melting horn lines and fiery improvisation from big band jazz. In the past few years, their signature sound has blown away audiences from SFJAZZ to the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival.

Top Shelf Brass Band

Top Shelf Brass Band started in Riverside, CA in 2012. Since then they have played in festivals all over the US and Europe. The group has made their way in Los Angeles going into playing for television, commercials, and celebrities (Cardi B, Pharrell, Migos, John C Reilly, Jojo Siwa, D smoke).

You can always catch Top Shelf at Sassafras Saloon in Hollywood, every 2nd Saturday of the month.

Van Scott

Alt-pop singer / songwriter Van Scott is a sought-after singer in the Hollywood session scene. He's sung for renowned film composers Danny Elfman and Michael Giacchino, been mentored by producers Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and Mike Elizondo, sung on blockbuster scores for La La Land, Mulan, Jurassic World, and Sing, been featured on ABC's Black-ish and The Goldbergs, and has been a background vocalist for The Voice, to name a few of his credits. Now, Scott's ready to bring the spotlight directly onto himself and put his musical talent and songwriting skills front and center with the release of his first full-length solo album, Almost Gone (AWAL / Oat Brand Music) on July 23, 2021.


California based vocalist, producer and composer, creating her own blend of ethereal indie-pop. Precise drum programs lay the foundation upon which VIDA builds her momentous songs through weaving basslines, oscillating synthesizers and fluttery vocal melodies. The tuneful pop veneer pulls in listeners and forces them to reckon with VIDA's insightful, honest lyrics - an amalgam that feels like a funeral procession through an outdoor high school prom. In 2020, she released her self-recorded debut album The Little Mermaid. A melodic, whimsical journey that induces a sense of longing through both its spoken word-like lyrics and atmospheric yet pulsing instrumentals.


Two years ago, Ward quit his desk job in NYC, moved to LA and started a band. Since then, Chris Gongora, Mauricio Munguia, Ryan Dietzenbach, and Ward have grown a fanbase of tens of thousands online, released over 20 singles and videos. Their first album of 2020 entitled "Bring Me Low" is dedicated to musician's mental health awareness. Playing their high-energy post-punk throughout the United States and Mexico: Echo Park Rising (LA), The Mesa Music Festival (Arizona), 2 tours of Mexico including a headlining spot at the LIFA Festival in Mexico City, and a showcase slot at NAMM (Anaheim). In 2018, Ward's song "Crush" was recognized by Los Angeles-based Buzzbands as one of the top 100 songs.


Wayword is a LA based alternative rock band formed by Albert Lopez in 2016. Combining complex guitar tones and the melodic sensibilities of hard-hitting pop songs. Wayword seeks to create a sound that is big in scope, but honest in execution; songs that are instantly catchy and familiar, but always have more to dive into. With a dedicated live history in the LA scene and two studio releases under their belt; Wayword is on the way to becoming a staple in everyone’s favorite bands list.

Willie Wisely

Willie Wisely is a songwriter's songwriter and a performer's performer. He has toured extensively in the USA and Japan, lighting up stages with unbound energy. With his forthcoming 8th studio album "Face The Sun", he shows off influences not heard on his previous records. Nods to early R&B-era Rollings Stones, Graham Parsons, Al Green, British psychedelia and even Crosby, Stills & Nash are most notable. You get the sense that Wisely is psyched to have some new conversations. After all, he's spent the last decade raising two kids and working deep inside the belly of a major record label. He's got a lot on to tell us.

Wizard Puffs

Feast your ears on the crunchy, sweet, and swirly sounds of Wizard Puffs. Every morsel is packed with all the groovy goodness you need to keep on chasing your dragon. Hailing from Los Angeles, the band delivers an unforgettable performance with powerful, guitar driven sonics contrasted by ethereal vocal melodies. Their roots in Shoegaze, Dreampop, and 70’s Rock come together to form a magically delicious, genre-bending experience. Their debut independent album is set to be released in early 2023.


Yony is a six-piece LA indie rock outfit helmed by Ohio native Mike Cionni. Offset by the charm of backing vocalists Meg Cionni and Michelle Maret, the group’s eclectic stylings lay heavy topics over light, accessible sounds. The result is an experience that borders on the nostalgic, without ever becoming derivative. Their newest LP “More Truth in Fiction”— deemed “a virtuoso work” by Round Magazine— is now available to stream and purchase.

Young Winona

Young Winona is an alternative rock trio originally from New Zealand now living in Los Angeles. Bringing together the distinctive guitar styles and songwriting sensibilities of their homeland mixed with an industrial-city edge. Sonically reminiscent of 90's bands like Garbage, Blur and Elastica - catchy and melodic but with a darker edge. Led by Cassie Gaffaney on guitar/vocals, Nick Gaffaney (Cairo Knife Fight) on drums and Geoff Maddock (Goldenhorse) on bass, the band recently partnered with Los Angeles label, Poor Man Records, and began releasing singles in January 2021. Their songs "LA Waste" and "Confess" have garnered attention from world renowned radio stations, like KCRW in LA.


minishoppingcart is an alternative rock group from Ventura, CA. The band consists of Diego Rodrigues, Gus Graham, Will Agtang, Charlie Youlio, and Ross Mantor. Inspired by the sounds of the 90s/2000s, minishoppingcart's set is filled with hooky and up-beat songs