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Abigail Fierce

Abigail Fierce is a SoCal indie-pop singer-songwriter with great storytelling lyrics. Audiences are consistently blown away with Abigail's ability to captivate them with just her words and her acoustic guitar. Abigail is also an actress and can be seen as Wendy on the Hulu series "Love, Victor," NBC’s “This Is Us, "Netflix's "American Vandal" and the new Paramount+/Nickelodeon movie “Fantasy Football."


Aelish was formed by two sisters, Synden and Rowan Healy. Writing and performing original music together since they were kids. In early adolescence, they performed as an acoustic folk duo all around the LA area, and even back home in their native Portland, Oregon. A few years later, after extensive gigging up and down the west coast, their sights were set on forming a four piece rock band. The discovery of Rock 'n' Roll itself was only natural given their steady diet of blues and folk in their upbringing, and thus, Aelish was born - an anglicized form of an Irish name meaning "storyteller." Listeners have likened Aelish's sound to classic acts such as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Janis Joplin.


Aleeta is an Ethiopian-American artist. She was born in Germany and has lived in Ethiopia, Northern Virginia, and now resides in Los Angeles. Her multicultural background is evident in her unique writing style & musical styling. She draws inspiration from 90s rnb, alt-rock, dance music, as well as popular Ethiopian music to create her own sound. Aleeta likes to pair raw & honest lyrics with sultry vocals to move others to live & feel their truths.

B. Bravo

The funk flows in LA-based B. Bravo. Born and raised in California, with roots in Japan, his signature style of Cosmic Funk and late night synth grooves have made him a favorite among DJ's, Dancers, and music lovers worldwide. A tasteful producer, sought after remixer, party rocking DJ, master of the talkbox, band leader, and alumni of the Red Bull Music Academy, Mr. Bravo is an accomplished performer both at home and abroad. With solo releases on Bastard Jazz Records, Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings, Frite Nite and production credits on the legendary Blue Note Records, HW&W, All City, Friends of Friends, Tokyo Dawn, he's worked with artists like Salva, Mr. Carmack, Teeko & more!

Beauty Queen

The pseudonym of multimedia artist Katie Kai, is an exercise of retro tinged melodic pop that conjures images of late night escapades and youthful abandonment. Born and raised in Maui, Kai moved to Baltimore for college as a painter before work allowed her to explore the lush gold coast of California. Settling in San Francisco in 2019, Kai met with producer Henry Moser of Daywave to begin work on her self-released debut EP Out of Touch. Kai's vibrant vocals float above a layer of hazy guitar lines, 70s inspired synths and pulsating rhythm built for the smoke-filled aura of a sketchy after hours club.

Billy Lawler

Recognized for writing profound songs at the piano that combine a throwback soul vibe with crooning vocals, L.A.-based singer-songwriter Billy Lawler released his latest single, "Sorry," in 2019. His live, acoustic sets from esteemed stages that include Hotel Cafe, The Viper Room, and NAMM, have drawn comparisons to acts such as Kevin Garrett, James Blake, and Sam Smith. With an appearance on Good Day Sacramento and a Hollywood Music in Media Award nomination under his belt, he is currently hard at work on his follow-up project, writing new music and sharing stages with other up-and-coming artists.


Blushh is Shab's fuzzy guitar songs that her bandmates help bring to life. Blushh is how she gets out of bed, and leaves it all on stage no matter what's going on inside her head. Blushh is how she makes up for years of apathy and passivity. But Blushh is not just about Shab or her band. Blushh is a means to bring energy into a room filled with people who care. Music is a catalyst for connection, and Blushh is the space where Shab's music is meant to help make those connections.

Box Dreams

Box Dreams began in 2017 as a solo bedroom-pop endeavor by lead singer Adam Rhodes and has since evolved into a five piece indie-psych rock band based in LA. Blending influences ranging from Sugar Ray to Lizzo, Box Dreams has created a sound that is at once psychedelic, ethereal, and danceable. They are performing regularly in the Southern California area prior to the January 2024 release of their debut album.

Britta Raci

Britta Raci is a Los Angeles based indie pop/rock who takes a twist on typical breakup lyrics. The solo project was launched mid-2023 with three singles that each showcase her catchy vocal melodies and honest songwriting.

Broken Baby

Broken Baby is the musical brainchild of veteran indie rocker/producer Alex Dezen (main songwriter and front man of The Damnwells) and Amber Bollinger, former Ohio all-state high jump champion. As a working actor in Hollywood for years, Bollinger experienced unending sexual harassment and misogyny. If you follow the band’s history, it’s clear that it was formed as a vehicle for Bollinger, both as a writer and performer, to channel her rage.

The follow-up to 2018’s self-titled debut, 2021’s Late Stage Optimism features punchy guitars, snaking bass lines, and Bollinger’s diamond-studded snarl, owing as much to The Breeders as SoCal punk. On the first single, “Get the Piss Up,” Bollinger and crew come out swinging with a full-throated howl. “Hand Heat,” the second single, turns introspective—even romantic—though no less blistering. “Romeo and Juliet,” says Bollinger, “but with beat-up vans and jellies.” “Meaniac" combines wit and sarcasm with scorching, lopsided riffs, all the while delivering a deft truth. "I cannot even count how many times I’ve been cut down for sticking up for myself,” Bollinger explains.

Recorded primarily in the couples’ El Sereno, CA, producer and mixer Dezen, who is a veteran of home recordings, breaks from the bedroom aesthetic of other DIY bands and delivers a sound that feels like it came out of a posh studio set ablaze.